After a lot of troubleshooting a perusing the forums for ideas as to why refreshing data for a powerview widget in Sharepoint conitues to error out I have finally found a fix. We have a Business Intelligence set up to help accounting report on data coming from all different revenue streams. With this the data is complex and in need of a data warehouse.

Sharepoint is an extremely complex system that requires a thorough understanding of how it operates. When mixed with the power and depth of power pivot, powerview, report builder, and design viewer, you have a system that has many moving parts and complex data warehousing that has its own complexities in it’s own. PowerPivot and PowerView depend heavily on SQL analysis services and reporting services to return a feature rich reporting environment. So when looking to refresh data built in PowerPivot sometimes the depth of sharepoint can get you lost, but that is for a later post.

The short of it is this, if you can verify that Kerberos/NTLM is working properly between your systems and that your unattended authentication has the correct permissions to access SQL BI, then look at your data connections tied to your Excel PowerView. This should be located under the “Data” tab in excel and it is how excel connects back to the orignal data source when refreshing data dynamically. Even though you may have uploaded your PowerView to sharepoint to be seen by your team, you original data connections for the view will persist. These need to be correct. If you pulled your Excel sheet from a mounted drive on the network, then this will be represented in your data connection. Not the UNC path. It took me a couple of days of searching around, never suspecting something so simple. Over all lesson has been learned, and now I am passing this on to my followers. Hope this of use.