I just got out of 2 meetings today’s with HP and the local Cincinnati VMUG group. One of the take always on these conferences i will touch on in this post is the central theme which was mostly tiered storage and the like. I will dive into it more if everyone would like me to, however the logic makes sense.

We all know that a SAN solution is not cheap. You can easily spend several hundred thousand implementing a good solution. I know my thought at first was ok this gives me one big pool of space to use which is great, but what about the future growth of this?.

When you are in the planning phase of sizing your storage array, look at designing it in a fashion that allows you to push your least mission critical data to your slower cheaper storage, keep all your high IO important data that you need in the faster storage like SSD. You can get more bang for your buck this way while maximizing what you have.

Look at all avenues and ask questions. There is software out there built into these arrays to make them more intelligent. All you have to do is leverage it and you will be the IT hero!. Now there is a lot more to consider and I can go into more detail if you would like, but I just wanted to put this out there and hope for some feedback. Enjoy!