Now as a Sys Admin I always am installing VM’s, testing OS’s hardening and such. One issue I always find myself in is when I have done a fresh OS install I need to get Perl up to date and install Modules that are needed to run some of my scripts. Now I always find myself in CPAN installing modules and finding out that they are failing to Make, and after banging my head into a wall for a while, I came across this fix.

$ sudo apt-get build-essential autoconf automake libtool gdb

This installs all the necessary packages to make CPAN modules. Once you have these installed, open CPAN and go ahead and install all the modules you need to. Oh and this works on Deb. Ubuntu releases of Linux, so if you need to install these for Red Hat you can use Yum and find the compatible packages to help with running Make on CPAN. Simple and quick as that.