I have been dedicated to the advancement of knowledge on common HTML languages JS, CSS, HTML as well as CF, Perl and Infrastructure. This has been my passion for almost 15 years. In my years I have learned many things, as well as having several great mentor’s to show me good practices. I have spent my years trying to be diverse in my knowledge, trying to learn about a lot of different areas of computing and the web. This has helped me do well in a tough economy as well as advance my career, and these days staying up on the latest and being the best at what you do is essential.

Over the years enhancement of search engines and results has grown, giving us today a wealth of information. Sometimes it is to much information, but none the less I hope to be one of the areas you come to to ask questions and get answers. Currently I am serving as a active member of VMUG and I am a full time systems administrator for a SAaS company. My goal is to be the best I can be at my job, and sometimes that means being wrong to learn something new. I look at this as not only an opportunity to offer experience and answers, but to also be challenged and even learning something from you.