My friend over at brain floss gave a very good tutorial on how to expand your ix2-200 StorCenter without loosing your data. the tutorial is linked here. I wanted to give you more information I discovered on this because my ix2-200 was not exactly setup as the instructions. Having some linux background, I was able to get around this and still able to expand my raid drives using BrainFloss’s instructions and other commnnads in linux. so here it goes.

The objective is as follows

  • Log into ssh using root and the password. (the password may be soho + your admin password)
  • grow the physical volume through the pseudo-device.
  • extend the physical volume by re-sizing it.
  • extend the logical volume group attached to the volume group.
  • finally expand the file system on the logical volume for StorCenter to see the available space.

After logging into ssh I found that the steps i needed to take were a bit different. Here are the steps i ran.

  1. Expand the RAID pseudo-device:

    root@ix2-200d:/# mdadm --grow /dev/md1 --size=max

  2. Expand the LVM physical volume:

    root@ix2-200d:/# pvresize /dev/md1

  3. Determine the free space in the LVM volume group:

    root@ix2-200d:/# vgdisplay (this displayed multpile Logical Volumes)

          --- Volume group ---
          VG Name               54d89fg7_vg
          Free  PE / Size       476930 / 931.50 GB
          --- Volume group ---
          VG Name               md0_vg
          Free  PE / Size       0 / 0
  4. The next step will not only require you to reference the Volume Group above, but also the logical volume attached to it. so we need to run the following to get that info
    root@ix2-200d:/# lvscan              ACTIVE ‘/dev/54d89fg7_vg/lv5d49388a’
    ACTIVE ‘/dev/md0_vg/BFDlv’
    ACTIVE ‘/dev/md0_vg/vol1’
  5. Now we can run brain floss’s next command to extend the logical volume according to the results we returned from our system.root@ix2-200d:/# lvextend -l +476930 /dev/54d89fg7_vg/lv5d49388a
  6. Since we did not unmount the volume we can go right to the next step of expanding StorCenter’s xfs file system.root@ix2-200d:/# xfs_growfs /dev/54d89fg7_vg/lv5d49388a
  7. Now just send command to reboot system so that web management can now see the expanded volume.root@ix2-200d:/# telinit 6

Your device will reboot and (if you have email notifications correctly configured) it will notify you that “data protection is being reconstructed”, a side effect of expanding the outermost RAID container.