Well Vmware has released it’s new version, however some may not know that multi processor fault tolerance was not included in this version. This looks to be a highly sought technology that is very difficult to acheive. Why is that?. When you start looking into a 5 9’s operation, you start looking at incurring higher then normal costs. You have potential technologies such as load balancing, clustering and best of all a virtualized environment that not only cuts costs but abstracts the hardware layer in a way that allows VM’s to reboot quicker, clone migrate, etc.

So for all those looking at using fault tolerance as a means to side step using other technologies, well unfortunatley you will need to wait. However even if something happens in the next release that includes multi processor support for FT i might suggest to consider using clustering technologies instead of FT till all the kinks get worked out. Clustering is a proven technology, and yes is is more mangement, but trust me it is worth it.